Manager Report

In a world where we have been led to believe global temperatures are rising with subsequent melting of artic ice and a dramatic rise in sea levels, one might be very surprised to learn that the earth has actually added usable land mass over the past 35 years. This would seem to be very counter intuitive to the message from climate change proponents of recent years. If we are to believe that man made emissions in the form of green-house gasses (CO2) are warming the planet at a rate never witnessed in the 4 billion plus years of this planets existence, then how do we explain the fact that there is more usable land now than there was over three decades ago.

Recently scientists using satellite image technology mapped how Earth’s surface has changed with areas once being covered in water now being dry land. As it turns out roughly 67,000 square miles of water have transformed into dry land and 44,000 square miles of dry land are now water covered. It is even true that a large part of this transformation is definitely man-made, but it may not be quite what you would expect.

If we examine more closely those areas where new water now exists, we see the damming of the Rimjin River in North Korea has produced some very significant changes to the earth’s surface, so too have the man-made lakes in China. If we look at where there is new land, we also see mans influence as the once immense Aral Sea in Russia has essentially dried up. This change did not come from any prolonged climate change inspired draught, but by the rivers that feed it being diverted for irrigation.

The picture below is of the wonderful state of Florida. For years we have been told that the coastline is constantly being devoured by rising sea levels and if we do not act immediately, millions of people would be displaced by flooding. This picture tells otherwise as Florida remains little changed over the past 30 years with absolutely no loss of coastline due to a rising ocean. The green in the picture represents new land and the blue indicates new water. Please feel free to do your own research and explore the interactive map provided by the Deltares Research Institute of the Netherlands at

So, there you have it, yes man is definitely causing seas to dry up as well as vast expanses of land to disappear beneath water, but If your dream is to find that special property situated on a pristine ocean coastline, you should have little fear. Coastal areas around the globe have had a net gain of 5,000 square miles of land, not the other way around as many groups would have us believe.  Although the Earth remains in a state of slow but continuous change, the world that we have come to know shows no signs of any dramatic change or impending doom.