Manager Report

With the heat of the summer fully turned up, I wondered how long it would be until we saw headlines such as these: “Hottest month ever recorded in New Zealand”, “Hottest May ever Recorded in Northern Hemisphere, and of course “World warming at alarming rate”. While most of us are now beginning to tune out this climate change hysteria, I wanted to reassure any remaining skeptics that the world is just as dynamic and marvelous as it has ever been.

When we hear the words “hottest year ever”, we vision once fertile farm soil turned to scorched barren earth, dry dusty riverbeds, and of course new rivers flowing from the stem of melting artic glaciers. While I’m sure these visions are a reality in some region of the world, what I uncovered in doing a little research is that there are some events transpiring that might surprise you.  

I began in South America and I was amazed to learn that the southern hemisphere has such a considerable number of glaciers. Not only are they plentiful, but they seem to be thriving. In fact, Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier is advancing at a rate of 7 feet per day. Pio XI in Chile is exhibiting a similar expansion, as its growth has been calculated at 50 meters in height, length and density every day.

In Asia glaciologist VK Raina assures the world that the Himalayan glaciers are not shrinking and seem to be undergoing natural changes (growth and contraction) but are indeed not shrinking. In New Zealand it was reported that all 48 glaciers in the Southern Alps have grown during the past year. In European countries such as Spain, Italy and France, each experienced a growth in glacier size. In fact, the Mont Blanc glacier in France has almost doubled in size.

One of Greenland’s largest glaciers has more than doubled its rate of advance, moving at the impressive rate of 7.3 miles per year. This advance is so dramatic that it has prompted a documentary called “The Big Chill” which states that England could have an Alaska like climate in as little as 10 years. Russia’s Maali glacier as well as Kirghizstan’s Abramov glacier are each continuing to surge across Eurasia.

Closer to home, glaciers are also growing in the United States with states such as Colorado, Washington, California, Montana and Alaska all reporting glacier advancement. Crater glacier on Mount St. Helens Washington is growing 3 feet per day only to be out done by Alaska’s Hubbard glacier which is advancing 7 feet per day.

We should also keep in mind that these glacier reports are from empirical data (observed, measured and recorded) and not from any new scientific modeling process that tries to recreate our immeasurably complex environment. Although it is true that global temperatures have increased over the past 35 years albeit with no warming over the last 17 years, the miniscule .36 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t appear to do much for thawing or preventing glacier ice from forming. I also don’t recall any of the alarmist climate models showing any glacial advancement let alone the significant expansion that has been observed.  I think it becomes fairly evident that there are natural cycles in our global climate and while some areas of earth are warming, an equal amount are cooling. I believe the world might just be a little more resilient and dynamic than many people give it credit for.