Manager Report

Climate change. It is indeed real and is happening right now almost everywhere. It is even occurring in locations we don’t normally even think of. As we all know, local temperatures are never static, weather patterns change, seasons change, and the climate in any two years is never exactly the same. It has always been this way on earth and remarkably species have adapted to survive in an ever-changing environment. What is a topic of great debate is what role does modern man have on the climate. I thought it might be interesting to examine climate in the absence of man.

Since it would be a tough and rather unenviable task to remove all living beings from our planet, I thought we’d just examine a few other planets to see if they too experience any climate variation. I think one thing we can agree on is that other than Earth, signs of human existence are completely absent in our solar system. As such, I’m somewhat confident that climate science as we know it today, would prescribe that in the absence of man, there would be minimal if any disruption to climate. After all, man wouldn’t be indulging their inexhaustible thirst for fossil fuel thus disrupting a planet’s fragile natural cycles.

 Let’s begin with a closer examination of our closest neighbor, Mars. With private space travel to the red planet seemingly just on the horizon, it might be worth investigating what type of climate we might expect to find if we actually get there. Mars is currently experiencing a significant period of warming as it appears to be slowly emerging from a series of pronounced ice ages. While the cause for this unprecedented warming can only been theorized, scientists believe that this warming is a result of increased solar activity coupled with changes in its orbital position. Oddly both Mars and Earth experience the same orbital variations which ultimately affect how much sunlight reaches each planet’s surface. Should we really be surprised that each exhibited a very similar warming trend in recent years.

We might even look at Jupiter which has been afflicted with a series of violent super storms that have moved heat from its equator to its southern pole. This heat transfer is expected to warm the planet by an amazing 10 degrees Fahrenheit on a celestial body that is roughly 11 times larger than earth.  This natural shift of temperature demonstrates how larger weather patterns and changes in the atmosphere can affect temperatures across a planet. The only real question is what caused this atmospheric shift? It certainly wasn’t man.

So, there you have my mostly unscientific proof that climate change does exist and assuredly is happening right now. It continues to happen to every planet’s atmosphere in the presence or absence of man. It has happened numerous times in our planet’s existence, and it also seems to occur with frequency on other planets. What is incredulous is the fact that we are naïve enough to believe that man can create it and even more ludicrous to believe that man has the power to stop it. The universe is infinitely complex and full of mystery. We might want to reconsider taking credit for her work.