Where Your Power Comes From

AHEC purchases its power from NW Electric Power Cooperative in Cameron, Mo. In turn, NW purchases its power from the cooperative-owned Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc., a generation cooperative. AECI headquarters in Springfield, Mo., was formed in 1962 with the idea of generating and coordinating the power supply of Missouri’s rural electric cooperatives.

AECI has a diversified mix of resources to serve its member systems, including a mix of generating resources and technologies to make sure we can deliver electricity at the lowest cost possible to our member transmission cooperatives. Associated Electric Cooperative uses the lowest-cost resources and power plants first -- typically hydropower when it’s available, then coal, natural gas and wind. Once member load is served, we may have opportunities to sell electricity to other utilities, and that revenue helps offset costs that members would otherwise pay.

Associated has built a diverse mix of resources, including energy efficiency, as part of its steadfast focus on its core business balanced with environmental stewardship. As pressure mounts against coal plants, Associated Electric continues to keep its options open for meeting members’ future electricity needs. To satisfy growth in electricity demand, we must look at all cost-effective generation resources available. In addition, we will continue to implement energy efficiency and equipment-rebate programs. We know the cleanest kilowatt is the one that’s never generated.


For more information, go to AECI's website.