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Atchison-Holt offers a residential appliance and heating rebate program that encourages residential members to purchase qualifying Energy Star equipment. Items available in the program include electric water heaters, energy star heat pump water heaters, room air conditioning units, ground source heat pumps mini-split heat pumps and dual fuel heat pumps. Please contact the cooperative if you have any questions regarding this program. The rebates are as follows:

Water Heaters
Rebate is available for existing and new homes. The efficiency rating of the replacement unit must be a minimum of .9. Tankless water heaters and gas water heaters are not eligible for this program. Heat pump water heaters are eligible for this rebate on a different form below. Limit of two (2) per member address/location.  Rebate applies only to 40 gallon or larger electric water heaters.  No rebates will be given for replacement of a heat pump or gas water heater.

Water Heater Rebate Form

Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Form

Energy Star Window Air Conditioning Unit
For room air conditioning units, the rebate will apply for the purchase of a new Energy Star unit or for the replacement of an existing unit with a new Energy Star Unit.

Appliance Rebate Form

Dual Fuel Heat Pump/Mini-Split Heat Pump
  $150.00 per ton
Must use fossil fuel for back-up heating requirements - wood burning systems and electric resistance units are NOT eligible for a rebate.  Limited to a maximum of 50 tons commercial and 10 tons residential per facility. 

The heat pump must be Energy Star rated and meet the federal efficiency standards, have an Energy Star + 2 SEER rating of 17.

Dual Fuel Rebate Form

Ground Source Heat Pump
  $250.00 per ton*
Electric or fossil fuel backup heat will be allowed for ground source heat pump units but MUST be separate. The following specs will be used for the sizing of the ground source heat pump.

The heat pump must be Energy Star rated, have an Energy Star + 2 EER of 19.1. The ground source heat pump will be installed with a Delta T of 80. A Manual J calculation will be used to support the Delta T. The electric backup heat must be separated from the ground source unit with a separate breaker and must be wired to only act as second stage supplemental heat on a two stage thermostat or as emergency heat. A minimum of R-38 insulation must be present in the ceiling and a minimum of R-13 present in the walls.

Ground Source Rebate Form
*Unit(s) may qualify for Associated Electric Rebate $500.00 per ton

All of the above mentioned appliances must be installed in a permanent home/structure on a foundation on land owned by a member. Completed rebate form and a copy of original sales receipt must be submitted within 90 days of purchase to qualify for rebate.

Rebate forms are available on this web page (above) or can be obtained at your Cooperative's office.

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