Member Information

New Membership Paperwork

New to AHEC?  In order to become a member, you must complete a Membership Application.  Please call the office for the deposit amount.  All new memberships require a $25 membership fee.

Download Membership Application Here


AHEC is available 24/7 to address any power outages affecting our members. BEFORE YOU CALL....check your circuit breakers, fuses and plug-ins. It is also helpful if you check with your neighbors to determine if the outage is a transformer fuse or a line section.

Within Local Area: 660-744-5344
Outside Local Area: 888-744-5366

If you call during work hours, your information will be reported to the lineman for immediate response. Your after-hours call will be received by our after hours answering service. The answering service will handle outage calls only. Whether you call during business hours or after hours, the ability to collect the right data is imperative. Please keep your account number and map location available for access during an outage.

If the trouble is found on the customer's side of the service (from the meter forward), the customer will be charged the actual cost, but no less than $50.00 for the service call. The cost will be calculated from the time the crew leaves the office until the crew returns, plus mileage. Also included in the cost will be the price of any materials used to repair the outage.

Power Bill

By the 12th of each month, you should receive your bill in the mail. When you remit your payment, please mail the lower portion of your bill along with the appropriate payment shown on the bill in the envelope provided. If there is a "-" before the amount due, it means that you have a credit balance on your account and no payment is necessary for that month.


The disconnect date varies from month to month. The disconnect date will be shown on the power bill for past due amounts that are subject to immediate disconnect. The disconnect date for the current bill if not paid is also shown each month on the bill. If you are unable to pay your bill, we urge you to contact the office prior to the disconnect date to make payment arrangements.  If your bill is not paid by the due date, a 1.5% late fee will be assessed. 


Collection Fee $50.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Reconnect Fee $50.00
Meter Test Fee $50.00
Reconnect Non-Payment During Hrs. $75.00
Reconnect Non-Payment After Hrs. $150.00
Disconnect $50.00

Irrigation Meters

The irrigation meters will be read at midnight on the last day of each month. A demand charge will be assessed during the months of May through September. The demand charge is determined by the highest demand recorded on the meter each month.

Billing demand is the average demand in kilowatts for the 15 minutes of greatest power use during any one month as measured by a demand meter.  Consumers will be billed only for actual demand measured by the meter for each month the service is used during the months of May through September.  Consumers will not be billed for demand used during the months of October through April.