Rate 23 - Irrigation Three Phase Rate

Irrigation Three Phase - Rate 23

Effective May 1, 2022

Available to all three phase consumers for irrigation pumps including center pivot systems and pumps used for crop irrigation by the flooding method.

Single phase, 60 cycles, at available voltage, through a demand meter.


The monthly rate shall be:

Service Availability Charge - $39.50

Demand Charge at $10.00 per kW

kWh at $0.1000 per kWh

The minimum monthly charge shall be $39.50


Billing demand is the average demand in kilowatts for the 15 minutes of greatest power use during any one month as measured by a demand meter.  Consumers will be billed only for actual demand measured by the meter for each month the service is used during the months of May through September.  Consumers will not be billed for demand used during the months of October through April.


When service is disconnected, the minimum monthly charge will prevail for up to and including twelve (12) months.  The minimum monthly charge will be coordinated with the disconnect fee.  The minimum monthly charge may be paid at the time of disconnection or will be required prior to reconnection.