Safety for Kids

  • Never play with electrical cords, wires or switches.

  • If you're in the bathtub, shower or standing on a wet floor, never touch anything electrical like a light or switch or hairdryer.

  • When playing outdoors, never play around electrical wires or equipment.
  • Stay away from areas marked DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE.

  • Never climb utility poles, transmission towers or fences around substations.
  • Climb trees that are far away from power lines. Learn to look up to check for power lines before climbing trees.
  • Never throw objects at wires or utility poles.

  • If you like to fly kites, remember to fly them only in dry weather and in open spaces, away from power lines; never use wire or metal in a kite and if your kite gets caught in a power line, leave it there and contact Atchison Holt Electric (Tugging at it could pull live wires to the ground).