Right Tree, Right Place

Planting Trees in Relation to Power Lines
Trees are one of the best landscape investments we can make. They can shade our homes or buildings to keep them cooler in the summer and they can serve as a windbreak in the winter. In both cases, these lovely, long-lived plants help save on our energy costs.

As eager as many of us are to start improving our property with trees, it’s important to take electric, and other utilities, into consideration.

  • First, call before you dig. It’s the law.
    The toll-free number is 1-800-Dig-Rite (or 1-800-344-7483). To make an online request and for more information, visit the Missouri One Call System website, www.mo1call.com
  • Second, remember not to plant in the rights of way. Crews may need to repair or replace electric (or other) lines. AHEC’s tree trimming crew will cut down trees in the rights of way because trees growing into the lines represent a safety, a reliability and a budgeting issue.
  • Third, remember to plant so the tree limbs can’t touch, reach over or through the electric lines. Trees can conduct electricity if they come in contact with power lines. Further, when weighed down with ice, or wind whipped during one of our Midwestern thunderstorms, can pull the electric lines down and cause a power outage.

For best results, please visit the Arbor Foundation and find the right tree for the right place by following this link.