Wind Energy

AHEC is a part of the Cow Branch Wind Energy Project located between Rock Port and Tarkio, Missouri. Construction began in early 2007 and is projected to be finished by year-end 2007. It will have 24 Suzlon S-88, 2.1 megawatt turbines. Cow Branch Wind Farm is the second of three wind farms being developed in northwest Missouri. These wind energy projects are being developed by Wind Capital Group. WCG's president is Tom Carnahan.

Project financing is being provided by John Deere Wind Energy, based in Johnston, Iowa, a unit of Deere & Company, the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

Associated Electric located in Springfield is the wholesale power supplier for NW Electric located in Cameron. NW Electric is the G&T for AHEC. An agreement between Cow Branch Wind Farm and Associated Electric means that all the energy produced will be purchased by Associated Electric for the next 20 years.

The wind farm will be capable of producing over 50 megawatts which is enough for about 15,000 homes. About 35 Atchison County landowners are involved in the wind farm, which will span more than 7,000 acres.

Wind turbines require special transport

  • Many of the turbine components, including tower sections, blades and nacelles (the gearbox/generator housing that sits on top of the tower) require highway patrol escort in Missouri as they are transported to construction sites.
  • Once assembled , each tower will be about 260 feet tall and weigh nearly 200 tons.
  • Foundations for the wind farm towers are 15 feet in diameter and 34 feet in depth.
  • The largest crane in North America will be at the site to place the nacelles on top of the towers.

•Each wind turbine generates at 34.5 kV. Voltage is stepped up to 161 kV in the switchyard. NW Electric Power Cooperative - one of Associated's six owner generation and transmission cooperatives -- is constructing or updating the transmission system to support and transmit power from the wind farms.

   •Landowners will receive annual lease payments for hosting turbines, and the county will benefit from an expanded tax base and job creation.

Facts about wind turbine components:

Suzlon Turbine Information in US Terms
Make of WTG Suzlon S-88
Rated Output 2.1 MW or 2,100 kW
Number of tower sections four
Hub height 80m or 262.5 feet
Rotor diameter 88m or 289 feet
Number of blades three
Length of blades 42.5m or 139.5 feet
Weight of each blade 6,700 Kg or 14,771 lbs.
Weight of rotor w/ blade 35,172 Kg or 77,541 lbs.
Weight of nacelle 72,040 Kg or 158,821 lbs.
Weight of tower 180,940 Kg or 398,971 lbs.