Placement of Grain Bins

Vertical clearance over bins is the height of the highest point on the bin plus 18 feet. This height must be maintained away from the bin for the full horizontal clearance, as defined later, and then maintained outward at a slope of one foot down for every additional 1.5 feet further out.

Horizontal clearance on the loading side of the bin is a total of the vertical height to the highest point plus 18 feet, as measured from the sidewall of the bin.

There shouldn't be any problem for the cooperative when constructing a new line within the area of an existing bin, but there could be a problem when a bin is constructed near one of our existing lines. In that situation, a placement of lines underground or movement to another location might be necessary. Either correction can be costly for the owner.

Let us re-emphasize that the Safety Code requires an extreme amount of clearance between distribution electric lines and grain bins for any new construction or reconstruction of grain bins. We would recommend that anyone considering either of these options to first call the office for advice.

Grain Bin Diagram